posted by DGDragon 2013.08.17 15:00

Capsule fluid is breathable. To give it its full technical name, we would technically call it an oxygen rich, nano-saturated breathable glucose based suspension solution.

Generally for simplicity's sake we call it Hydrostatic Fluid. It provides both oxygen and everything needed to keep you alive for extended periods in the capsule.

I've just finished putting together some stuff on the Capsule that will be released at a later date, so that's all I can say for now. The whole workings of the egg, inside and out are included, so hopefully you guys will be able to read it soon™.

답: 캡슐 안의 액체는 나노 뭐시기 블라블라한 테크놀라지로 숨쉴 수 있는 액체임 ㅇㅇ(수많은 SF에서 나온 것처럼). 물론 그간 공개된 동영상을 보면 이거 외에 답은 없지만서도 CCP 공식 답변이라는게 중요.

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