posted by DGDragon 2015. 3. 8. 13:15

Requires the skill Infomorph Psychology (rank 1 skill).
Low fitting requirements, uses high power slot.
Only one may be fitted per ship.
Cannot be used by trial accounts.
Maximum range of 25km for Tech One, 250km for Tech Two.
Requires a target lock on the structure.
Capital Ships would have restrictions for using these modules, most likely in the form of a role bonus that increases the cycle time by 400% (this means a 10 minute cycle time for a T2 Entosis Link on a capital ship).
A clear visual effect shows which ships are applying Entosis Links.
Build costs of approximately 20 million isk for Tech One, and approximately 80 million isk for Tech Two.

이를 만드는데 근래 새로 추가된 NPC 함선 드리프터의 잔해에서 얻어진(=샐비징) 재료가 들어감.

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